Wahran Trading signs exclusive distribution rights for Tumi and Mind Games Perfumes

Jun 01 , 2023

We are delighted to announce that we have signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Tumi and Mind Games perfumes in Kuwait. This new agreement which took effect on June 1st, 2023, aims to develop and expand the two brands in Kuwait.  


As a travel lifestyle brand designed for global citizen, TUMI has always remained true to who they are. The celebrated brand made its debut into the fragrance world in August 2020 with fragrances that tell a global story using unique ingredients sourced from around the world; something from every time zone.  


Mind Games links the complex artistry best embodied by the strategy and brilliance of Chess, with the innovative and hypnotic effects of perfumery. The result is an inaugural fragrance line that delivers a scent wardrobe of extreme olfactive signatures. These niche fragrances are crafted by Master Perfumers, housed in statuesque bottles, and intricately contrived to embolden your obsessions.  

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Wahran launches the new chapter of Amouage Odyssey Collection

Feb 12 , 2023

On Febraury 12th 2023, Wahran Trading Company launched the new chapter of The Odyssey Collection by Amouage at Harvey Nichols Kuwait. 


Four new perfumes joined Amouage esteemed Odyssey Collection, in a new third chapter, titled “Escape”, inspired by faraway lands of Oman and the mystic aroma of Frankincense, revealing hidden and unexplored facets of the precious treasure of the Sultanate.

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